(The Monkees 15 Best Fashion Moments as critiqued by my little sister Kayla, and I)

You saw the worst dressed list, now here's the flip side. The Monkees didn't make as many obvious fashion contributions as say, The Beatles or Jimi Hendrix, or even Paul Revere and the Raiders (snicker), but they had their fair share of good style moments, on the show and in "real life".

The first season saw the birth of the Wool Hat, Beatle suits, coordinating colored mod outfits, and long hair, but it was during the second season (and during their 1967 tour) when they really got to showcase their flava.

Peter and Davy favored Nehru jackets and other Indian type jackets and shirts in wild colors and patterns. Micky, Peter, and Davy all wore strings of 'love beads' and bells and necklaces. Mike favored tailored shirts and pants with psychedelic ties.

In terms of style (in my opinion), Davy always looked the most well put-together, but Micky was the real fashion icon in the group. Micky was fearless with fashion. Yeah, he made a lot of mistakes (see the worst dressed list), but it was Micky that wore beautiful tablecloths as ponchos, wore an white boy afro, wore his clothes backwards, rocked the adidas tennis shoes before they were popular, rocked the Native American look, Triumph motorcycle T-shirts, sweaters with cement encrustsed on it that he had found at an excavation site, all suede outfits, silk shirts......whew! He rocks.

#15 Best Dressed:

Meg: I picked this one out because the sweater is kickass, well-made, comfy, and the colors are cool, his hair is frotastic, and he looks hot.

#14 Best Dressed:

Meg: Leather makes Davy look very manly. Oooh, who's his friend? He's hot. Anyway, Davy looks very mod and fashionable, and his hair is perfectly groomed. Well done.

#13 Best Dressed:

Meg: The infamous Nudie of Nudie's Rodeo Tailor's designed this personally for Nez for the HEAD premiere. Nudie suits were very stylish and popular among the country-rockers in Hollywood, and Nez rocked it well.

#12 Best Dressed:

Meg: I know, I can't see his outfit and the hat is a prop from the television show, but I believe a good cowboy hat on a good man is a fine fashion statement.

#11 Best Dressed:

Meg: I chose this one because of the infamous Davy Jones lovebeads, which was a trend that Davy started among the teenybopper set in 1967. The beads were made for him by Henry Diltz and once the teen mags caught Davy wearing them, every girl in America wanted her own string of Monkee Love Beads. Also, Davy looks really nice and put together. Everything a teen idol should be.

#10 Best Dressed:

Meg: Peter used to wear a lot of psychedelic shirts with wild colors and he used to mix all sorts of crazy patterns, but I personally think he looks his best in a pair of simple white pants and no shirt.

#9 Best Dressed:

Meg: Micky burst into the film HEAD wearing this white and red sweater, corduroy pants, and ADIDAS shoes (before they were popular, what a trendsetter). Simple, but effective. And his hair looks gorgeous in this picture, and throughout the film.

#8 Best Dressed:

Meg: Nez wore a lot of suits and dress shirts paired with psychedelic ties during the series, but I always thought he looked best wearing jeans and a jean jacket.

#7 Best Dressed:

Meg: This is one of Micky's most memorable ensembles; the Native American look he sported at the Monterey Pop Festival. It was relevant, since Micky is part Native American, but it also made an impact. Most every article I've read about Monterey Pop mentions Micky being there in his Indian garb, it was kind of like saying "fuck you" to Lou Adler and Co. that didn't invite the Monkees to perform, because he showed up full force and still got loads of attention.

#6 Best Dressed:

Meg: First season Monkees in matching suits. There is nothing better than a man in a well fitting suit. Look at Peter, ahh!

#5 Best Dressed:

Meg: Micky's ALL SUEDE outfit...HELLO! He looks hot, just admit it.

#4 Best Dressed:

Meg: Nez dripping in fringe....oh yes. I was tempted to put a picture of Nez in his fringe brown boots instead, but this fringe coat is freaking awesome and only Mike (out of the Monkees) could pull this look off.

#3 Best Dressed:

Meg: My sister picked this one for the Wool Hat. Most of the general public that remembers the Monkees, rememebers only Davy Jones and "the one with the Wool Hat". The Wool Hat is one of the defining objects of the Monkees, its one of the things people most remember about them, so to not include it on this list would be ridiculous. And it wasn't as contrived as people thought, I mean Nez really did walk into an audition wearing a Wool Hat.

#2 Best Dressed:

Meg: "Daydream Believer" in the Rainbow Room is my personal favorite fashion moment, with "No Time" coming in a close second. My all-time favorite outfit is Micky's. Micky rocks his blue shirt BACKWARDS, and pairs it with these kickass striped pants and a cool silver necklace. Davy rocks another memorable Monkees ensemble, the 8 BUTTON SHIRT (his is in dark red velvet) and black bellbottoms. Peter wears one of his better Nehru jackets and a nice amber necklace. Mike's glasses are ugly (as I've already discussed), but he wears tight-ass pants in a weird color and a psychedelic tie, so it saves the outfit. But all in all, not too shabby.

#1 Best Dressed:

Meg: Not including Micky's tablecloth poncho on this list would be a tragedy, because it is also one of the most memorable Monkee outfits. Apparently it was a tablecloth that Mick bought in London and cut a hole through. So Mick just freaking WORE A TABLECLOTH. That's how cool he is. And it's quite a fetching tablecloth, if I say so myself. He helped usher in the era of ponchos of the late 1960s and proved that household objects make great accessories.

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