In their eleven years of marriage, Phyllis and Mike had three children. Mike was the first Monkee to become a dad when Christian DuVal Nesmith was born on January 31, 1965.

Christian DuVal Nesmith photos:

During the Monkee madness, Phyllis got pregnant again and on February 11, 1968, she gave birth to Jonathan Darby Nesmith.

Jonathan Darby Nesmith photos:

After the whole Nurit Wilde affair, Mike and Phyllis kept on breaking up, getting back together, breaking up, and so on......and eventually had another child in 1970...a girl named Jessica Buffler Nesmith (who really does look like her mom in MY opinion..). Unfortunately, I don't have any baby photos of Jessica.

The whole Nesmith clan in the late 1990s with their dad:

Left to right: Christian, Jessica, Papa Nez, Jonathan, Jason (Jason is Mike's son by Nurit Wilde)

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