sex, drugs, and rock n roll

Rock stars and indulgence goes hand in hand; whether its material indulgence, or indulgence in alcohol, cigarettes, and assorted drugs. Photos of rock stars indulging in these items is not unusual, many rock stars have been photographed in drunken stupors, smoking up illegal substances and what have you. In the 1960s, bands from England like The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, etc. were all readily photographed smoking or drinking. The Monkees are a whole different story. The Powers that Be wanted to make the Monkees appear to be good, clean-cut non smoking American boys, so to find a picture of the Monkees indulging in anything is quite a find because teen magazines nearly never showed a picture of them smoking (god forbid!) or anything of that nature. However, some pictures have slipped through. Here is a collection of photos of the Monkees doing 'naughty' things. Everyone usually thinks of the Monkees as these bubblegum-clean cut-never doing anything wrong guys, but we all know that is far from the truth....

Sammy was also a smoker! Geez!

There's a cigarette near Davy. I'm assuming its his.

One of Peter's rumoured girlfriends, Karen, lights up her hashpipe...