There are many TV and movie based drinking games on the web, and since there are many aspects of The Monkees television show that are in multiple episodes, I decided that a drinking game would definitely work in almost all of the 58 episodes. The only two episodes where you really couldn't do this drinking game are "Monkees on Tour" and "Monkees in Paris" since it's not in episode format and they barely talk and what not. But this is just for fun, ok?

The Rules:

I realize that there are many young Monkee fans that are not of drinking age, so for this game, your beverage of choice does not have to be alcoholic. Root beer or fruit punch or water or anything can work, though it is more fun under the influence of something.

So, pop in an episode of your choice (I will note whether or not each activity is more related to first season or second season) and have fun watching The Monkees with your friends.


Davy gets stars in his eyes

Anyone says "You do and I'll be sorry"

Davy says "You must be joking" (2 drinks if Peter says it)

Peter cries

You see Mr. Schneider..doesn't matter if he talks or not

Mr. Babbit makes an appearance

Micky does his Cagney impersonation ("You're the rat who killed my brother", "you dirty rat!")

The Monkees are wearing their RED OR BLUE 6-button shirts

You recognize a stand-in (more for the second season than anything else)

One of the "thought bubbles" pops up (ie: "everybody does it", "must be a friend of the producers"..these are usually in the first 12 episodes)

Anyone says "he/she/its GONE" and then a FRIGHT REACTION.

Anyone says groovy.

Someone dressed dressed as a gorilla appears

Davy is shirtless

Someone says "Save the Texas Prairie Chicken" (second season episodes only)

You see the Wooden Indian (in the second season only)

You see the Rainbow Room in ANY ROMP

Whenever MONKEEMEN appear

Micky slides down the bannister


Anyone besides Davy is shirtless

Any of the Monkees is dressed as a woman

Mike says "stone drag" or calls someone "shotgun".

Mr. Schneider talks

Anyone says "sock it to me/you" (second season only)

Any scene that takes place in or any mention of the Vincent Van Gogh Gogh.

Mike is absent from the ENTIRE EPISODE

Micky is wearing his "carpet" poncho thing (second season only)

Micky says "little joke...about that big"

They're wearing any other color of the 6 button shirt except red and blue

They make fun of the theme song (more in the second season than the first)

They're eating cornflakes in an episode

They mention not being able to go to Disneyland

When Davy goes "OOOH" (see 'Some Like it Lukewarm' for an example')

Someone says "I Don't Care"
The Monkees give an interview after the show.



The Monkees are dressed as angels

Mike plays his nose

Davy looks stoned (see "Monkees Paw" for an example)

Frank Zappa is on the episode

Peter says "who turned on the dark?"

Any of them except Peter cry