Past PJ layouts

Past layouts:

Psycho Jello has been around since January 1, 1999. It was originally on fortunecity and was called "The Birds, The Bees and The Monkees" for maybe six months. When it started, I didn't have Paint Shop Pro yet and the graphics were horrible and I knew nothing about HTML. I also didn't have many old magazines, so basically, my site was horrible. All that was on it were bios, the Reading Room, The Rumours and Myths Page, photos, links, and the Online Monkees Encyclopedia. In November 99, I moved it to Psycho but my personal site was taking over my life, so I didn't update PJ for months. Finally in the summer of 2000, I started work on the site again. I don't think I saved most of my butt ugly fortunecity layouts, but I managed to save most of the ones.