I Like the Monkees Because.....

In December 1967, FAVE magazine asked fans why they liked The Monkees. The winner got a chance to meet the Monkees and have the Monkees chose a new mod wardrobe for them. Now while I can't guarantee a meeting with a Monkee for submitting YOUR reason for loving or liking The Monkees, I can guarantee that I'll put it up on the site and you'll be the envy of all your friends. Anyway, if you want to share with the world why YOU love The Monkees, send your response to lulublonde@gmail.com. Hop to it, fool.

I like The Monkees because.....

"I like the Monkees because they cast a spell from which happiness and a love of life radiates. From them I receive a special gift, a magic that is inexpressible."

Robbie Davis, 16
Creal Springs, Illinois

"I like the Monkees because..they have time for their fans! They make every single girl honestly feel that she holds a special place in the Monkees' big warm hearts."

Kim Larson, 14
Portland, Oregon

"I like the Monkees because...well, the reason is in the Bible, 'This is the Lord's doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.' (Psalms 118:23)"

Rusty Mackey, 15
Arkedelphia, Arkansas

"I like the Monkees because they seem to have been created from a part of my soul which has tried to be free. They have helped give my dreams meaning."

Pamela Sue Hastings, 15
Lansing, Illinois

"I like the Monkees because they bring joy to my life. I feel so happy to be alive. I feel like going up to everyone and saying, 'I love you.'"

Judy Butler, 15
Wickliffe, Ohio

"I like the Monkees because they have tried so hard to give of themselves for others thus they make our world a much much better place to live in!"

Holly Hilsen, 14
Minnetonka, Minnesota

"I like the Monkees because.."For Pete's Sake they make me "Laugh"! Besides, they're "Sweet Young Thing's" and "I'm A Believer" who longs to be their "Sunny Girlfriend".

Kathy Williams, 13
Ridgeway, Virginia

"I like the Monkees because they don't protest life, they celebrate it."

Claire Boyle, 14
South Pasadena, California

"I like the Monkees because they are four of the most wonderful, most real people around. They bring Joy and laughter into a world where there rarely is any."

Lynne Warshaw, 14 1/2
Lido Beach, New York

"I like the Monkees because they keep teenagers alive with tenderness, warmth and happiness. Holding up a spark of life and hope called love, they give a priceless gift...understanding."

Pam Ingram, 16
Long Beach, California

Now, doesn't that just make you feel all warm and happy inside? Nez should read this, maybe then he'd want to tour with the boys again.

This is making me tear up