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The Monkees two seasons show different phases in pop culture in the 60s. The first season, made mainly in 1966, was heavily influenced by everything British-- the British invasion movement that featured the Beatles, The Dave Clark Five, Hermans Hermits, and the Rolling Stones. The dialogue also had British influence, mainly due to the quips and phrases by resident Brit, Davy Jones. But the main difference between the two seasons is the fashion. Season one featured outfits put together by wardrobe people and they can best be described as MOD clothes....rectangle George Harrison sunglasses for Davy, tailored suits (a la Beatles), cleancut Beatle haircuts, solid colored shirts, nice pants, Beatle boots. This photo page, in connection with this month's MOD layout, focuses on the Monkees as MODs. Before they grew their hair out, wore mocassins, and Davy stocked his entire wardrobe with outfits like these.

In season one, The Monkees wore nice, matching suits, just like the Beatles did. By the second season, suits were gone from the wardrobe.

Davy's pea-cot is very mod, as is Peter's outfit.

Davy's shirt looks mod....kind of reminiscent of the big pop art clothing movement.

Here's Davy in a nice mod suit.

Davy in stripes...surrounded by tons of mod-ly dressed women in Swinging London, late 1966

Davy started growing out his Beatle haircut in 1966, as did the Beatles...

Even in the pilot, the Beatles fashion influence was present. Davy wears a hat that looks exactly like one worn by John Lennon.

A very mod, tailored outfit. Davy rarely dressed like this in late 1967.

Before Micky saw Hendrix, got turned on, and grew the fro, his style was pretty mod as well.

What more can I say?

Mike and Phyllis Nesmith look very mod on their trip to London in February 1967.

Peter even goes mod in this blue shirt. Very....bright.

Micky looks mod in this somewhat mismatched red outfit.

Here's Davy in his George Harrison sunglasses.