The Fabs meet the Pre-Fabs

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Beatles....on The Monkees

quotes and such

"The Monkees are still finding out who they are, and they seem to be improving as performers each time I see them. When they've got it all sorted out, they may be the greatest."- George Harrison

"I think you're the greatest comic talents since the Marx Brothers. I've never missed one of your programs."- John Lennon

"I like their music a lot...and you know, their personalities. I watch their tv show and it is good."- Paul McCartney

"It's the combining of their sound with their jumping around and all that which makes 'em so popular with the kids, I guess. With me, too."- Ringo Starr

"I'm sure that the Monkees are going to live up to a lot of things many people didn't expect."- Paul

"They're not really just copies of us, now, are they? The Monkees have a fine way of their own, you know?"- Ringo

""Monkees? They've got their own scene, and I won't send them down for it. You try a weekly television show and see if you can manage one half as good!"- John Lennon

Monkees....on The Beatles

First...some stories

Peter remembers: "Micky and I are meeting the Beatles at a London club called the Speakeasy. And in come George and John singing to the tune of "Hare Krishna" "Micky Dolenz, Micky Dolenz, Dolenz, Dolenz, Micky, Micky." And Paul is with Jane Asher, and the other guys didn't bring anybody, and I had just done some STP which was an LSD-type psychedelic drug. I mentioned it to John and he said, "We heard that's no good. Mama Cass told us not to take it." But he said, "Okay". So I went back to the hotel and I got some. Popped one down his throat. I guess he was alright because he seemed to survive. I don't think I'm responsible for "Strawberry Fields" though."

Davy's story: "I was performing a song from Oliver! on The Ed Sullivan Show when the Beatles made their American debut. I saw this amazing reaction and I thought "I want a bit of this- this is good." I remember getting into the lift with Ringo Starr. I was always a cheeky little guy. He had a cold at the time and I remember saying, "Let me blow your nose for you, I'm closer than you are." Ringo said, "I know."

Mike's story: "I was a Beatles fan. When I had my newfound fame as a television star, I thought I'd figure out if I could broker this into a meeting with some people I wanted to meet. One of them was John Lennon. I flew to London and sent him a telegram that said, "I'm at the such and such hotel and I would very much like to meet you." I signed it, "God is Love, Mike Nesmith." Now God is Love was an utterly radical thing to say in the 60s, especially on a telegram. He called me at the hotel. He said, "I'll send a car for you. Come stay with me instead." That was the beginning of the friendship. We maintained it from a distance. Every time I went to London I would look him up, and he would call me when he came here."

Mike Nesmith & John Lennon

...this was from the "A Day in the Life" music video. Mike was at the orchestra session.

Mike remembers the "A Day in the Life" recording session: "I was staying with John Lennon during the recording of the Sgt. Pepper album. He would come home and play the acetates from the day's sessions. "What do you think of that sound? Do you think there's too much bass on there?" And of course I just didn't have any way to talk to him because he was just rearranging my musical realities at the time. I said, "This is just miraculous. This is some of the most innovative and creative and interesting stuff I've ever heard." And he showed me a picture of the album cover. So when he said, "Do you want to come down and hang?" I was there. The only thing I can really remember about the sessions, however, was Marianne Faithfull--whoa. I thought, "This is the rock and roll mama of all time." And I was unabashadely just stricken. She was with Jagger. When she wondered into the room I thought, "Oh, this is what the fuss is all about." She was some stone fox, I'll tell you."

(l to r: Some guy I don't know, Cyn Lennon, Astrid Kirchner, Phyllis Nesmith, Mike Nesmith, Ringo Starr)
This was taken in Feb. 1967

Micky and Paul hanging out at Paul's house in Feb. 1967.

Micky's story about that night: "I went to London to run away from the Don Kirshner confrontation. I was supposed to be at a recording session in New York, but I hopped a plane to London. We were supposed to be there in a few weeks. Somebody set it up for me to meet Paul McCartney and that was going to be the big Monkee-Beatle meeting. I brought my autograph book; I never got the autograph, but I wanted to. He was very gracious and treated me like a peer, which I appreciated. And we just had a great chat and I was thrilled, just absolutely thrilled."

Micky, Paul & Martha

The reason why Micky and Paul both look so....funny is because while the photographer was taking pictures, they were completely stoned. Micky talks about this day in his book.....
"Paul rolls an enormous joint of hash and tobacco and lights it up. The sweet, pungent smell of the high quality herb fills the room....."

The next day, Paul invited Micky to a Beatles recording session [The backing track to "Good Morning Good Morning" was made that day].

Micky remembers: "I was invited to a recording session. So I dressed up in all my caftans and beads and glasses with sparkle stuff, and I was sure I was gonna go to this unbelievable-pop-historical-Andy Warholesque-Fellini event with the Beatles and groupies and God knows what. I walk into EMI Recording Studious on Abbey Road and it's like a doctors office-- bright fluorescent lights. The guys are sitting there in shirts and t-shirts and slacks with their instruments, and George martin is in the booth. "Right, once again, and three,four...." I was so stoned and stunned. I was just walking around, "Ohhhh." "Right, okay, once again...Right, cut it, time for tea lads." And the guy comes in with a big tray of tea and sits it on the card table and they all sit around and we had tea for 20 minutes. And I'm blown away. I couldn't believe it. And then they went right back to work; they were workign lads from the north. They just did this 16 hours a day for years. That's where all that stuff came from. So I floated out about an hour later."

Sorry for the bad quality picture! (l to r: Lulu, Davy Jones, & Ringo). This was taken sometime in 1968, I believe. Maybe it was at the recording session for "Revolution". I know Davy was at the session for "Revolution" with Tiny Tim. Who knows...

In mid-late 68 I believe. George was making the Wonderwall album at the time and he invited Peter to the studios to play banjo on it. You can hear Peter in the actual film, but the banjo part is not on the album.

Peter remembers it: "George Harrison was recording music for the Wonderwall movie and he asked me if I would play the 5-string banjo. I don't remember why I didn't have one at the time, but Paul had one, and George borrowed Paul's. My girlfriend was there with a camera. He said "Turn up the lights so she can shoot." He was very thoughtful and considerate. The English are different."

Michael Nesmith & Ringo Starr, 1970. This was a party to celebrate Mike's band The First National Band. Jimi Hendrix was also there, and he died two days later.

Left to right: John Lennon, Anne Murray, Harry Nilsson, Alice Cooper, Micky Dolenz.

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