The Producers: Bob Rafelson & Bert Schneider

The producers of the Monkees TV show, Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider were babes. They were hip. They were smart. They were tuned in. They were only in their thirties. Not only did they make one of the coolest TV shows/bands ever, they created and participated on some cool ass movies like 'Easy Rider', 'Five Easy Pieces', 'Postman Always Rings Twice', 'The Greatest Show On Earth', 'The Last Picture Show', and 'Hearts and Minds.' They've won Emmy awards, an Oscar, they became lifelong friends with Jack Nicholson and were part of the 'new hollywood' in the 1970s. They dated hot chicks like Candice Bergen, Carly Simon, Toni Stern and Sally Field, smoked a lot of weed, and hey, I feel like making a page about them. So here it is.

Bob, in the Monkees episode 'Monkees Race Again'

Bert and Bob

When the Monkees' show won the Emmy for Best Comedy Series

World's Oldest Flower Child, eh?