There's more than one way to skin a chimp

First, here's some advice and life lessons from our guys. Are you writing all this down? You should.

"Talk music, books, and politics."-Micky

"Don't object so much, you'll live longer."-Mike

"Don't forget to free the serfs."-Micky

"Crying won't get you anywhere."-Mike

"Everything doesn't go all right all the time, so what can you do?"-Mike

"Well if money can't buy you peace and privacy, what good is it?"-Davy

"Dont fly. If you get too close to the sun, your wings will melt."-Peter

"Money is the root of all evil."-A sign in their pad.

"Don't trust the calvary."-Micky

"Behind a dark cloud there's usually rain."-Mike

"You can make a silk purse out of a sows ear, if you have enough good silk."-Micky

"It's not how you play the game, it's whether you win or lose."-Davy

"Love is the ultimate trip."-Micky

"If you love music, you can play music."-Mike

"If you really dig a chick, you should talk to her, not steal her picture."-Mike

Random Quotes from the Episodes

"First we'll escape, then we'll play baseball."-Mike

"I make a terrible sound."-Davy

"I'd like to see all the kids in the country wearing their hair like they'd like to wear it."-Mike

"A man in love has the strength of thousands."-Davy

"You do and I'll be sorry!"-Micky

"Young people just aren't typical anything."-Mike

Mike: "You know, I never realized you could get so hungry saving your country."
Davy: "I'm from England and I'm hungry."

Micky: "My arms. I can't move my arms."
Mike: "I can't move your arms either, man."

"Badges. We don't need no stinkin badges!"-Micky

Mike: "Welcome to Swineville, Peter. A happy, sleepy little hillbilly town where seemingly innocent, nice, naive people turn just like that into a vengeful, hateful mob."
Peter: "How do you know that?"
Mike: "Cause these are my people."

"I think I'd make a very nice English gin."-Davy

Girl: "I think you're cute."
Mike: "So does my wife and kids."

"My nose is out being fixed."-Mike

"I'm playing the pig."-Micky

Davy: Knock Knock
Micky: Who's there?
Davy: Wa
Micky: Wa who?
Davy: That's right. Wahoo

"With my paranoia I need this abuse."-Mike

"Man, I've had enough. I'm going to tear you up hard."-Davy

"Captain Hornblower man, groovy, sock it to me. Yeah."-Micky

"When I insight, I insight."-Peter

"Dirty Commie."-Peter

"You tell him, tiny."-Mike, to Davy

"He gives us the pill and we believe that Elmer came back from the dead. We'll also see pretty colors and things climbing up the wall."-Mike

"Now that's a trip."-Micky

"Would you take my hand, it gives me a feeling of security."-Micky

Davy: "Micky, what are you doing?"
Micky: "I'm going to dispose of all of you."

"You oughta get a haircut, they won't let you in Disneyland."-Micky

"Shut up or I'll have you paved."-Princess Gwen

"Yes, I'm hip. But wear it anyway, it looks good on you."-Gwen

"Defending my honor, isn't that groovy? A bunch of long haired weirdos and some vicious people."-Gwen

"It looks like a bunch of birds dancing, ya know."-Davy

"Don't hit me with a stick, please."-Davy

"Due to a lack of interest, tomorrow has been cancelled."-Mike

"I don't see what's so odd about my fingers."-Mike

"Cos baby, in the final analysis, love is POWER."-Mike

"This guy's denting our couch."-Mike

"A medival fair. It's like a love-in."-Davy