some cat came up and said, do you want to shoot a movie...

Here are even more quotes, this time I took them not only from the tv show, but from their song lyrics, movies, and interviews as well. Enjoy.

Mike: There's always one hotel with a lot of gambling and drinking, a lot of fast women and a lot of loose talk. Now you know what to do when you get to town.
Davy: Find that hotel!
Mike: You'll do fine.

"See my badge. I'm sending away for another one which reads "Sterilise LBJ-- no more ugly children."- Davy

"The only difference between me and Peter is that I'm just stone legal."- Nez

"Freak out, MOTHER!"- Nez

"And it's love you that I can't deny....and with your wings...I can learn to fly...Sweet Young Thing."

"Boy, dumbass me."-Nez

"Why do I want a house? Well, when it rains, you get wet if you live in a parking lot."-Nez

"The Indians had the idea. They built everything in a circle so nobody would be left out-- no corners."-Micky

"The only definite action I've seen from the flower children is that every morning I come out of my house and have to clear the mailbox out of flowers. Which is nice anyway, so I'm not complaining."-Nez

"Periodically it comes to my mind that there is no such thing as a naked screwdriver."-Nez

"Fuckin'album's good....fuckin' album's smashing 'tis...fuckin' smashing."-Potty mouth Davy

"I'd like to buy big city blocks of building and plant orange groves."-Micky

"Young people have become bored and confused by the Established Church. There are so many conflicting dogmans and religions all claiming that they are right and the other is wrong. Someone should make them put their heads together and come up with a new religion acceptable to all."- Davy

"That could have been your face mother#&*%@&"- Nez, to Donnie Kirshner, after punching a hole in the wall at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

"They didn't want us smoking dope on the stage, so we smoked back there [in the black box] where it was air conditioned. I ate lunch there, but I never did get it on with anybody."-Peter

"I'd be kissing one girl, going to another saying 'wait a minute, I'll be with you in a second.' Mike was on the phone making business calls and yelling at everyone; Peter was saying 'more brown rice please, all over my nose so I can't breathe but can still read the Maharishi;' Micky was going his "aarghbrryesnowhyhowcomegozapwowupdownmorelessaargh" thing, burning off energy."- Davy

"Call us synthetic, because goddamnit, we are."-Nez.

"Rock on George, for Ringo one time."-Micky on "No Time"

"I think we oughta go on a National Monkees Love Something Ugly This Week."- Nez

"I am a clean kid. You know, they made me put my hair over my ears and all this shit.. I'm really a clean-cut kid, you know."-Davy

"The universe is permeated with the odor of turpentine!"-Peter

Peter: The hippy movement is dead. It was buried in San Francisco and has been replaced by free men.
Mike: Now that's Peter's movement. He's got six people, so far.
Peter: Yeah. We're gonna form a country called Belgravia.