Reine Stewart Tork

Reine Stewart was the SECOND (yes, second) wife of Peter Tork, or so I'm told. See, many people tell me that Reine and Peter never actually married, but I swear on their Behind The Music, Peter said they did marry. So let's just pretend they did, ok?

Ok, anyway, Reine was born sometime in 1948 and grew up on the East Coast, yet moved to California with her mom when her parents got divorced. And despite popular opinion, she WASN'T the daughter of actor James Stewart. Reine and her twin sister Tracy were a part of the Sunset Strip groupie scene of the mid 60s. Reine and her pals (which included Christine Hinton and Debbie Donovan) were around 15-17 years old in the mid 60s and they used to hang at the Whiskey a Go-Go and the Trip and chill with local bands like The Byrds and The Turtles. And it is through the Byrds that Reine met Peter.

But how?

Well Reine got together with Chris Hillman, as well as participated in threesomes with her pal Christine, who was dating David Crosby (the Jefferson Airplane/CSNY song 'Triad' was about David and those two lovely ladies) Besides 'dating' Chris Hillman, and the Cros, Reine also dated Bruce Palmer from the Buffalo Springfield, I'm told. She was a total groupie, you know. Around this time, David was becoming alienated from the Byrds and chilling with Steve Stills of Buffalo Springfield who happened to be pals with our Peter Tork. Wow.

Apparently The Cros introduced our Peter to Reine at a party, and I'm guessing it was lust at first sight. Peter was never really into dating one person at a time in those days, until he met Reine. But she was a total hippie chick...I mean in some of her pictures, she has to be on SOMETHING. And in David Crosby's book, Reine is always mentioned in reference to rolling joints or being the 'ecstacy coordinator'. I can see why Peter liked her.

A Fun quote about Reine brought to you by Jackson Browne: "One time Jimi Hendrix was up there jamming with Buddy Miles in the pool house, and Peter's girlfriend was playing the drums, naked. She was gorgeous, like a Varga girl is gorgeous, this physically flawless creature. She looked like the drawings of Indian maidens that they airbrush on motorcycle tanks. I don't think she was as good a drummer as she was an object of desire, but she was something."

Awww, that is such a beautiful quote about Reine? Jackson Browne is such a stud. Anyways.....back to the story..

Reine played drums, how cool is that? She was at the rehersals for 33 1/3 revolutions per Monkee, and Fats Domino's drummer never showed up, and guess who became his drummer? REINE! And after Peter left the Monkees, he and Reine formed a band called RELEASE. They mainly played parties for their "in" friends and such, but one of their songs ALMOST got to be on the "Easy Rider" soundtrack.

Besides their band, Peter and Reine also had a baby, Hallie. I used to have a really cute picture of Peter and Hallie, but I like, lost it. Whoops. Anyway, it was after Hallie was born that Peter and Reine got married. It didn't last very long (a couple years?) Then Reine went back to rolling joints for Crosby and sailing on his boat, The Mayan (that Tork BOUGHT for him, how's that for generosity?)

And nothing has been heard from Reine since.

SHE IS MISSING! If anyone knows of Reine's wherabouts, please let me know

FYI: Reine is alive! I heard from a source that someone spotted Reine at a Shoe Suede Blues concert in California last year. Good to know!