Over the years there have been many myths and rumors about the Pre-Fabs. I've tried to straighten them out to find out what's true and what's..well..false. Many of these rumours came from a book called "Monkeemania". There's a bunch of real whoppers in there.
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Monkee Rumors and Myths that aren't true

  • Reine Stewart (Peter's ex-wife) is Jimmy Stewart's daughter
    False. False. False. I think I heard this one in "Monkeemania".

  • The Monkees didn't play their own instruments
    We all know the truth on THAT one, right?

  • When they were touring in Australia and visiting a wild animal park, Davy gave a kangaroo some dope
    Someone told me about this one, I wonder if it's true. I also read about it in Monkeemania. All the sudden, Davy seems a whole lot cooler. ya.

  • Chip Douglas co-wrote "The Door Into Summer"

  • Charles Manson auditioned for the Monkees
    The ad asked for four "insane boys", but this one never tried out. He was still in jail at the time.

  • Mike Nesmith was in the Byrds

  • The Byrds wrote "So You Wanna Be A Rock N Roll Star" about the Monkees
    Nope. Well, according to Roger McGuinn they didn't.

  • Micky paid the cameraman to give him more close-ups, and then Davy paid the cameramen more money than Micky so HE could get the most close-ups
    That's a bunch of crap. I mean really.

  • Crosby, Stills and Nash met for the first time at Peter's house
    I don't know about this one or not, but I do know that Crosby, Stills and Nash rehearsed for their first U.S tour at Peter's house.

Little Known Facts that ARE true

  • In 1966 Davy Jones bought a hearse for $300
  • Phyllis Nesmith sings backup on "Auntie's Municipal Court
  • Frank Zappa once asked Micky to be the drummer for The Mothers of Invention
  • Mike's mom invented Liquid Paper
  • Mike was one of the major factors in the creation of MTV.
  • Like Austin Powers, Davy Jones used to own a circular bed. Gee, I wonder what HIS favorite hobby was (wink wink, nudge nudge)
  • Davy (along with Tiny Tim) was at the Beatles recording session for 'Revolution'
  • Mike won the first ever Grammy award for a Music Video (longform) for "Elephant Parts"
  • The Monkees were the first group to use the Moog Synthesizer on a pop album. The Doors were second:)
  • Peter plays a 5 string banjo on George Harrison's "Wonderwall" soundtrack. He borrowed the banjo from Sir Paul Macca himself.
  • The Monkees out sold the Beatles and the Stones in 1967
  • The song "Mary Mary" has been covered by such diverse artists as the Butterfield Blues Band and Run D.M.C
  • In the first episode of the second season (It's a Nice Place to Visit), in the romp, Davy is carrying the Beatles album "Sgt. Pepper". This episode was filmed in May, before the album was released to the public. It pays to be friends with the Beatles, eh?
  • Samantha Dolenz appears in the episode "The Monkees in Paris"
  • Peter let David Crosby "borrow" $22,000 to buy his cherished boat "The Mayan"
  • John Phillips and Lou Adler "seriously considered" letting the Monkees perform at the Monterey Pop Festival, but after weeks of deliberation decided not to let them.
  • The Monkees got $250,000 in royalties for their first album, yet made a measly $450 a week for shooting their TV show
  • The Monkees recorded a backing track to "Wasn't Born to Follow", before the Byrds. The song was written for them by Carole King, and for some reason, it was never completed.
  • In the 60s, Davy owned a clothes boutique called "Zilch" in Greenwich Village
  • In the 60s & 70s, Peter, Micky & Davy got busted for drugs. Peter was the only one who actually went to jail.
  • Mike & Nurit's son Jason was in a band with Donovan's son (Donovan) for a few years. Their band was Nancy Boy (great cd!) and they also appeared in the 60s Mini-Series on NBC.

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