You may notice that I try not to post many photos of the Monkees from the 1980s and 1990s (and beyond) on this website. This is mainly because I like to obsess over how the Monkees looked and acted in their prime era of hotness. Maybe that's just me. In the past, I just preferred not look at pictures of dudes that resemble my Grandpa or reminisce any further about bad 80s fashion decisions made by Davy Jones.

This attitude changed last year when I started a thread on the Vincent Van Gogh Gogh Forums about Scary Monkees Pictures, after noticing the total creepiness that is the 'Pool It' album cover. I decided that these national treasures of creepy and scary Monkees photos must be unearthed and celebrated, not shunned. And hey, we're in a recession....we might as well have something to laugh about.

So here they are; the Scariest Monkees Photos I could find. We're talking bad 80s mullets, speedos that we don't necessarily want to see (if it was Peter, that would be another story), middle-aged Micky dressed as a woman, and more. There should be a Surgeon General's warning for this shit, so be prepared. IT IS FRIGHTENING. Oh, and if you are reading this at work or in front of children, please be warned that by scrolling down the page, you might encounter a naked behind. You have been warned.

Do you have any scary Monkees photos to add to this page? Please Email Me.

And finally, this page is dedicated to the members of the Vincent Van Gogh Gogh Forum, Davy Jones' 80s mullet, and Jennifer McLeod...Peter's girlfriend in the 80s that was a clothing designer/stylist and probaby is responsible for some of these horrific outfits.

Is this a contest of who looks the most like someone in the cast of Miami Vice? Cos Peter totally wins.

Micky is wondering how he got stuck being shirtless while ironing Peter's sheet, Peter is having acid flashbacks, and Davy can't remember how to read.

"So fellas, I have this idea for your new album cover...three middle aged guys just chillin' in the pool together. Totally hetero."

Do you think I'm sexy?

Peter's just trying to act like he doesn't know the other two guys, Davy is wondering if he put enough Aqua Net in his hair, and Micky is constipated.

There are no words.

"I thought this was an audition for Motley Crue."

I didn't think I could find anyone more unattractive in makeup than Gene Simmons.

Good things come in small packages.

Ok, this is kind of hot.

Oh glorious man boobs!

Hey, what's my Grandpa doing on this site? Oh shit, it's Mike. Uhhh....awkward.

Davy's tripping on Ecstacy again.


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