Sources: "Monkees Music Box", various teenybopper magazines from the 60s, "Monkeemania", "Hey, Hey We're The Monkees", and my own knowledge. All bios were researched and written by ME.

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The Stand-Ins & Best Friends:

On the Monkees TV show, the stand-ins 'stood in' for the Monkees in order to help the crew set up proper lighting and help block scenes and such. However, in many of the crowd/party scenes in the first season, and in most episodes in season two, the Monkees' stand-ins are in the background, and sometimes they even have lines! In season 1, David Pearl was Peter's stand-in, though he was Davy's best friend, David Price was Davy's stand-in, Rick Klein was Micky's (and his best friend), and Nez's was John London. In season two, John London left to join the Lewis & Clarke Expedition and Phyllis Nesmith's brother Bruce became Nez's stand-in, and when Micky had his fro, Bill Chadwick (aka the fifth Monkee) became his stand-in, since he had a fro as well.

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Rick Klein
David Price
John London
Bruce Barbour
Bill Chadwick

Noteable Recurring Actors on The Monkees:

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The San Antonio Mafia:

Elvis had a Memphis Mafia, but the other Monkees referred to Nez's Texas pals as the San Antonio Mafia. Many of the hangers-on were friends with Nez before he moved to California. Besides the ones mentioned below, David Pearl, David Price, and John London all were pals with Nez before The Monkees. Ironically, many of Nez's friends (David Pearl, Charlie Rockett, Steve Pitts) became really good friends with Davy during the Monkees years.

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Travis Lewis & Boomer Clarke
Steve Pitts
Charlie Rockett
Neko Cholis

Their Musician Friends:

These are the friends that were more involved with The Monkees musically than with their TV show. These people didn't hang around the Monkees nor tour with them as much as the stand-ins or the San Antonio Mafia (with the exception of the Sundowners, of course) because they were too involved with their own bands and projects, nevertheless, they were still close with the Monkees.

Chip Douglas
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Henry Diltz
Lance Wakely
Harry Nilsson
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The Sundowners
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Charlie Smalls

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