(The Monkees 15 Worst Fashion Moments as critiqued by my little sister Kayla, and I)

The 1960s were a magical time for fashion. Men and women were creating amazing ensembles with colors, patterns, beads, baubles, fringe, and bells. They mixed odd colors, wore household objects like tablecloths and men weren't afraid to wear tight pants, girly colors, or even, shirts with flowers on them. However sometimes even the most fashion forward fellas like the Monkees made a few missteps. This page is a look at the top 15 most horrendous Monkees ensembles that we could find here at Psycho Jello's Photo Gallery. We took into account not only outfits, but also accessories and hairstyles. Prepare to be astounded...

#15 Fashion Blunder:

Meg: Micky's fro looks like it belongs to a 43 year old woman named Alice. Hello, soccer mom hair!

#14 Fashion Blunder:

Meg: Three of the guys look fine, however Davy wears what appears to be some sort flowing Tom Jones ensemble with puffy little clouds on it.
Kayla: The Infamous "Valleri" shirt strikes again!

#13 Fashion Blunder:

Meg: These look like the sunglasses that my Grandpa wears over his bifocals to go driving. Too bad Mike's a mere 20-something that doesn't have to cover up any bifocals. Nice try, Nez.

#12 Fashion Blunder:

Kayla: Flowers are beautiful, but not on Peter's shirt.
Meg: Luckily Peter's getting a style transfusion, cos this shirt sucks.

#11 Fashion Blunder:

Meg: I AM SO SORRY, but in 1969...Micky looked like a 43 YEAR OLD WOMAN. HELLO!
Kayla: I was wondering where Fred from Scooby Doo left his ascot.

#10 Fashion Blunder:

Meg: Whoa, dude...Peter should really not get dressed while on drugs.
Kayla: I never knew Peter was part Indian

#9 Fashion Blunder

Kayla: It looks like that shirt's on fire...
Meg: Yo, someone needs to set that shit on fire. Who wears that? Who does that?

#8 Fashion Blunder

Meg: Oh look at Mike's bowtie, I think he joined the circus.
Kayla: I thought Micky was the circus boy.

#7 Fashion Blunder

Meg: Micky looks slightly Asian in this photo. Hmmm. Anyway, there's just too much going on here for my liking.
Kayla: His necklace resembles cornrows.

#6 Fashion Blunder

Meg: Davy looks puzzled at the array of horrid colors on his shirt. I would be too.
Kayla: I enjoy mosaics, but not on Davy.

#5 Fashion Blunder

Meg: He looks oddly like a 13 year old girl.
Kayla: Davy likes to go through Linda's closet, apparently.

#4 Fashion Blunder

Meg: Aw, hell yeah. Davy's big pimpin in 1968. Where's his ho's?
Kayla: Davy Jones? Ha, he should call himself Davy Crockett.

#3 Fashion Blunder

Meg: Oh vey, I can't decide which is more appalling, the poofy Granny hair or the women's blouse on Mick...
Kayla: And you wonder why Mike is closing his eyes.

#2 Fashion Blunder

Meg: The three Monkees gaze into the camera helplessly, as an alien has taken over Micky's body. What is that ridiculous headband? What planet is he from?
Kayla: Oink Oink. I never knew pigs wore headbands.

#1 Fashion Blunder

Meg: Maybe the Dolenz's got divorced after too many arguments over the hair dryer and the Aquanet. Also, that shirt is the result of a bad acid-trip.
Kayla: It's bad enough with Samantha's hair, he didn't need to put on a picnic tablecloth. The baby is more stylish.

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