>> The Brief History of the Buffalo Springfield-
Learn about the brief and strange journey of the Buffalo Springfield...and how it spawned some of the greatest rockers of all time.

>> Stephen Stills -- 2nd Lead Guitar-
Stevie is my favorite out of all of them. Learn more about the tough Texan who went on to form CSN.

>> Neil Young-- Lead Guitar-
Neil defies all description, he is just simply the coolest Canadian ever.

>> Richie Furay-- Rhythm Guitar-
Richie's lovely voice guided many of Springfield's songs, and later on, guided the songs of Poco. Now he's a pastor. Who would have thought that would happen?

>> Dewey Martin-- Drums-
Dewey was a chill cat. He played on a bunch of Monkees songs with Peter, which makes me love him even more. Where is he now? That is the real question.

>> Bruce Palmer-- Bass-
Meet the band member who kept on getting deported back to Canada for drug charges. Poor Brucie.

>> Jim Messina-- Producer/Engineer/Bass-
Jim became a bass player in Brucie's absence, and also formed the band Poco with Richie in the late 60s. He also was in Loggins-Messina with Mr. Footloose himself. What a guy.

>> Doug Hastings-- Guitar/Harmony Vocals-
Meet the guitar player that briefly replaced Neil Young.

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