"deep and dark"

Born: November 12, 1945 in Toronto, Canada

neil young, lead guitarist
brown and green
leather and suede
deep and dark
hot and cold
wild sense of humor

How can you even begin to describe Neil Young? There is no word for Neil, no adjectives. He's just, well, he's just NEIL. He and Bruce were pals before the band, so were Richie and Steve. Neil was driving around in his hearse and ran into Steve and Richie one day, and a little while later the group was formed. Or something to that effect.

During the BS years, Neil was lead guitarist, singer, and emerged as a wonderful songwriter. Between the first two albums, Neil had somewhat of a breakdown and quit the band suddenly while they were in New York. He did not appear with the guys at Monterey, you know. Crosby did instead. But anyway, for the second album, Neil felt a bit guilty for quitting, so he went and recorded some songs for it, by himself. They included "Broken Arrow" and "Expecting to Fly", two of MY favorite songs. So after Springfield, Neil took a break and began appearing on friends records. He played guitar on two Monkees songs; "As We Go Along", and Davy Jones' "You and I", so therefore, Neil is one hip guy in my book.

After that, in 1969, Neil and his backing band Crazy Horse made an exceptional album, which propelled Neil back into the spotlight. He had many famous songs in his solo years (Cinnamon Girl, Down By The River, The Needle and the Damage Done, Old Man, Southern Man, Heart of Gold), as well as many with CSNY, whom he joined in 1970. But Neil is never one to stay in one place to long, and after a couple albums, he went back to his solo career. This same thing happened over and over, throughout the years. In the 1980s, Neil got into a little tift with David Geffen and his record label after they claimed that the albums he put out weren't "commercial enough". Which is pretty funny, really....

Lately though, Neil has been proclaimed as "THE FATHER OF GRUNGE". Whatever people. Neil isn't grunge. He's NEIL. He was so called "Grunge" before people had a word for it.

Today, Neil has two main passions in life besides his music: his family and his trains. Neil is big into model trains, he owns part of Lionel Trains too. But Neil still rocks and that's all that matters.