Meet the New Buffalo Springfield
From Teenset Magazine, October 1967

So what happened to the old Buffalo? Well, some of them are still with the new Buffalo, you see. And one of the new Buffalo is also one of the old Buffalo, but he's new now...

What do you mean, confusing? Oh, that's what you mean. Yes. Well, it seems that the Buffalo have had their share (large) of problems, along with their share (not large enough- yet) of success. The "old" Buffalo Springfield, the group we flipped over a year ago, contained a Steve Stills, a Richie Furay, and a Dewey Martin. They're still with the group, as is "old" member Bruce Palmer, but he was out for several months because of immigration problems or something. He's back, you see, and the two young men who replaced him while he was making time in Canada-- Ken Koblun and Jim Fielder are no longer part of the herd. Neil Young quit the Buffalo to go on his own (also to England); he was replaced by Doug Hastings, formerly lead guitarist with the Daily Flash.

Now that that's settled...or is it? Will there be a sixth Buffalo? Tune in next week...meanwhile, may the "Bluebird" of happiness do her thing and give the Buffalo what they deserve (Success, of course-- what did you think?)

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