"steve is the leader, but we all are"

Born: January 3rd, 1945 in Dallas, Texas

stephen stills, 2nd lead guitar
pale blue
youthful- sometimes childlike
new orleans
"steve is the leader, but we all are"

Yes, Steve is the leader. Most Capricorns are, and he is no exception. I haven't decided if Steve or Neil is my favorite BS member. I love Steve. I don't worship him, but I come close. Ok, not really. But I think he's extremely "far out", as they said back then.

Perhaps some of his "leadership/complete control" abilities were brought on by his family's frequent moves while he was growing up. Frequent moves tend to want people to feel like they have to have complete control and stability over situations. Then again I'm no psychologist, so I'll just shut up now. Hmmm anyway.... He was all over the country in his youth, finally settling in Greenwich Village, NY in the early 1960s at the height of the folk movement. Like Richie, he became a part of the folk scene there for awhile, writing and performing with the Au Go Go Singers. But like much of the freaks of society in the 1960s, he migrated to California to start a rock band. Before forming The Springfield with Richie, Neil and Bruce, Steve auditioned to be on the television show "The Monkees". Though he claims he told the Producers he only really wanted to write songs because that was "where it was at", he really didn't make it because he had bad teeth and hair. So Stephen called up his Greenwich Village pal and look alike Peter Tork to go to auditions, and the rest is history.

Steve wrote Springfield's one big hit "For What It's Worth", which has been called one of the Greatest Rock Songs of All Time and has even been turned into a rap song (go figure, they sample everything). Along with Neil, Steve became Springfield's most accomplished songwriter and musician. In the two years of existence, only one person could have been called the leader of BS, and that person is Steve Stills.

After Springfield, Steve formed this little band called CSN, which eventually evolved into CSNY with his pal Neil joining. He also was in the Stills-Young Band, he made an album with Mike Bloomfield and Al Kooper called Super Session, he was in the band Manassas, the Stephen Stills Band, and probably some others I'm forgetting. For the past year, he's been touring with CSNY. I've seen them twice. They rock. I saw his solo show a few years back, less than 2,000 people in one room. I sat about 10 feet from him and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Steve is really cool, even now. He's heavier, but he wears Hawaiian shirts, so it all evens out. I totally dig Steve cos he also played on some Monkees songs, and that equals coolness, you know.