Buffalo Springfield; they sink, they swim, and they play groovy music
From Teen Screen magazine; January 1968

Have you ever thought about going to the beach on Labor Day? Well, don't, unless you would like to swim right into a Buffalo (Springfield, that is).

That is how it all started. TS decided they wanted to write a story about the Buffalo Springfield, and they needed some new and different photos of them, since Neil's comings and goings had the files a bit short.

So TS called in their ace photographer Boo Boo and his two sidekicks Yogi (me) and Wren. So there we were...nothing like a nice leisurely drive (on Labor Day? In beach traffic?) Anyway, after driving awhile, and not finding what we were looking for, we decided to stop and ask some surfer walking down the road with a raft on his head where the house was. Just as we approached him, Wren mentioned that the surfer (?) was Stephen Stills! So we stopped (about a quarter of a mile past him, after the shock wore off a bit) and told him we were the ones who had come to take pictures of them and where was he going, anyway?

Steve simply said the rest of them are in the house, right down the street, or at the beach. Why don't you come down to the beach with us and take a swim? You can take your pictures there. So what could we do? Off we went to the house to see if we could find more of the Springfield, and sure enough-- we did-- on their way out! (Nothing like cooperation). But what can you say to a Buffalo when he offers you a swim on his private beach but "yes".

So we all went running down to the beach and the fact that Boo Boo, Wren and I didn't have our bathing suits didn't stop us-- we could swim in our clothes. What a gas! I mean just to watch Neil, Dewey, Richie, Bruce and Stephen riding the waves on their rafts. I could see Neil way out there, waiting for a wave to come and carry him in. And there was Stephen, furiously paddling out to catch another one. Richie, Dewey and Bruce, meanwhile, were riding waves too. Needless to say, we didn't get any pictures of the Springfield swimming, we just got water logged (and the BS we all wet..oh well). But what fun!

Then it was time to go back to the house-- not a bad idea, since all of the Buffalo had already gone back. Now it was picture time, right? Wrong. First we had to change our wet clothes-- but into what, that was the question. (Into some of the Buffalo's clothes, what else?) And then we were treated to some of the new BS material. First we heard a couple of new demos that they played for us and then we had a private concert. They played just what they felt like playing and it sounded really groovy. Then more surprises-- Stephen decided to switch to the drums! It really was a gas to listen to them, but it sure made us all hungry. (Dewey was the first to crack-- off he went to eat, and the rest of us immediately joined him!)

I then looked around the house. In the living room there were 16 or more guitars, and all the guitar cases were piled up in the corner near the front door. What a sight! On the other side of the room were Dewey's drums, all set and ready for use (which they seem to get a lot of). In the middle of the room was a picture window, facing the ocean. I can't even describe what a beautiful view there was! I'll bet Donovan thought so too, when he stayed with Steve here on his recent visit to Hollywood!

Now, where to take some pictures, since everyone was settled for a bit. How about the beach in front of the house, on some giant rocks? Great! And then Boo Boo had an even better idea-- why not activate his giant bubble machine? Well that's just what he did. Richie had a great time playing with it (after he figured it out) and everyone had a great time on the rocks with the bubbles. And a good laugh too when they saw the neighbors' surprise at the giant bubbles floating by. (Can you imagine sitting in your house, peacefully looking out over the ocean, and suddenly seeing these giant bubbles, from out of nowhere?) They must have thought Lawrence Welk was doing a show on their beach!

Boo Boo took some great photos of the Springfield, and the bubbles and if you look closely at the photo, you can also see a camera, as owned and operated by Stephen Stills. Yes, Steve was taking pix of us at the same time we were taking pix of them!

Then we decided to go back to the house to take some more pictures, and so we did-- we took single shots of all of them, group shots, and even pictures of Neil's car and someone's dog (I never did find out whose.)

Well, that's the conclusion of a long, hard day's work (Work? YOU should have such work!) But watch out next time you go swimming-- you might swim upon a Buffalo, and if you do...good luck!

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