TV Appearances

These were compiled by Jim for the Buffalo Springfield Mailing List. Enjoy!


Dec 27th: "Where the Action is" Hollywood CA, Broadcast Jan. 9 with Otis Redding
Dec 28th: "American Bandstand" Los Angeles CA, Broadcast Jan. 21
Note: Dick Clark messed up the Springfield's names i.e Bruce Martin, Dewey Palmer


January 20: "Hollywood Palace" Hollywood CA, Broadcast April 8

Note: Springfield friend Dickie Davis pretended to play bass, as Palmer was out on drug charges.

February 1: "Where the Action is" Hollywood CA, Broadcast late Feb-early March

Note: with Ken Koblun, as Neil left at this point for awhile.
February 17: "Smothers Brothers" Broadcast Feb. 26

Note: At this point Neil is back in the Springfield, roadie Miles Thomas on bass.

"Shebang" TV Broadcast March 11

Note: Jim Fielder on bass, the Springfield was billed as the "For what it's worth" singers.

"Go!!" TV, Broadcast April 5

April 1967: Dewey Martin appearance on "The Dating Game"

July 15 or 28th:
"Malibu U"

August 14:
"Mannix" dectective show, Broadcast Oct. 28th

Note: the Springfield played 4 songs in the background of a seedy nightclub.

"Popendipity" talk show, aired in late Nov.

Note: the Springfield did two shows on this lighthearted day time talk show, during which on Neil says a comment to the likes of exposing people's private lives on TV, to say the were not asked back for a third time.

Oct 5th?
"The Sights and Sounds of San Francisco" aired Sept. 8 1969

Note: a clip of a live show the Springfield played was used.

November 2:
"Woody Woodbury" show

November 22:
"Clark Race...with it" show

late 67- Dates Unknown:

"Boss City" show

"Joey Bishop" show

"Sunday Canadian" show

Added note: the Springfield in Summer 1967 was asked to appear on the Johnny Carson show, but at the last moment, hours before the show, Neil decided to "go solo" To bad for the Springfield because back then that was like going on Ed Sullivan.

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